About us

Nonlinear acoustics is a branch of physics dealing with study of properties and utilization of high-amplitude acoustic fields. Amplitudes of these fields attain such values that the methods and procedures well-known from the linear acoustic cannot be used anymore for their description. Many nonlinear effects are connected with these fields. These effects offer great application potential (radiation pressure, acoustic streaming, cavitation, generation of heat, etc.) and on the other hand, they prevent effective increase of amplitude of these fields.

Utilization of these fields enables design of technically new appliances, such as acoustics compressors and pumps, thermoacoustic engines and coolers, etc. All these appliances are distinguished by intrinsic simplicity, reliability and they are also considerate of environment. Nonlinear interactions of the high-amplitude acoustic fields can be also utilized for diagnostic purposes (imaging methods in medicine, nonlinear ultrasonic defectoscopy).

Nonlinear mechanisms accompanying the high-amplitude acoustic fields must be well understood in order that they can be generated and utilized. For these reasons, it is necessary to look for suitable model equations (here, the well-known linear wave equation cannot be used) and their solutions. By virtue of the fact that these models are represented by nonlinear partial differential equations and general exact analytical solutions are not known for them yet, it is necessary to use approximate analytical methods or numerical methods for their study.

The nonlinear-acoustics group of Department of Physics of CTU-FEE is at present concerned with these areas of research:

  • Model equations of nonlinear acoustics
  • Approximate analytical solutions of nonlinear-acoustics model equations
  • Qualitative analysis of nonlinear wave processes in various materials
  • Numerical methods for model equations of nonlinear acoustics
  • Numerical simulations of multidimensional acoustic fields by using of the high-performance computing methods
  • Methods for suppression of nonlinear effects in acoustic resonators
  • Parametric acoustic transmitters

Research of the group was and at present is supported by grant projects (IG ČVUT, GA ČR).

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